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[CAG] 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta is a Tier 1 Special Operations Forces group formed by Iron-Death of BTB/BTBSO. We are a Milsim (tactical) clan on (ISS) Insurgency Sandstorm and are always recruiting. Screenings will be held regularly on ISS.
Our most active hours are starting at 1900 (7 EST) and ending around 0100 (100 EST) These are not the only times we play, just our highest member activity. Many members can be found on earlier in the day as well. [CAG] 1SFOD-D is currently active on the PC. You can see a detailed list of our events on the official calendar below.
Current list of games:
PC: Insurgency: Sandstorm (ISS)


Donations help fund the server and the website.