By The Book Spec Ops is a Tier 1 Special Forces group formed by Iron-Death of BTB. Originally created by Sgt_Diamond and M103Wrestler, we are a tactical clan spanning across many games and are always recruiting. Screenings will be held regularly on various games. Watch for information about screening on our Battlelog or our News/Information section.
Our most active hours are starting at 1900 (7 EST) and ending around 0100 (100 EST) These are not the only times we play, just our highest member activity. Many members can be found on earlier in the day as well. BTBSO is currently active on the Playstation 4.
***Please excuse us as we are experiencing technical difficulties. Some images or pages may not display correctly. Please report any issues to Iron-Death***

Current list of games:
Playstation 4: Rainbow 6 Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands (March 7th 2017)

Donations help fund the server and the website.


Allied Clans and other Associations

[BTB] - BTB Network
(Allied Clan since 2015, Original Branch 2007-2011)

[MCR] - Marine Corps Raiders

(Allied Clan since 2016)

[DFW] - Arrow Clan
(Allied Clan since 2013, Disbanded)

[TTK] - TheTopKillaz
(Allied Clan since 2008)

[A41] - All For One
(Allied Clan since 2014)